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Feb 26, 2013 4:00pm EST
. >>> a new york man is charged with attacking his wife with a meat cleaver. and the assault is caught on tape. >>> it's raining in central maryland. and it could begin to come down heavy. your updated first warning forecast is ahead. >>> wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click >>> pretty raw day out there today. >> it is. >> and not so pretty day. it's gray, it's damp. and that's actually going to continue. the good news with this is we get a quick bumpup in temperatures tomorrow. it will come back down. but at least we'll have a day in the mid-50s for everyone who is craving spring already. let's l we'll show you it is still wet outside for most people and will be as we head into tonight. the storm heading up to the south. you can see these brighter materials moving our way. and that's an indication that this is going to pick up at times as we head through the evening. now, this is very border line, as far as the freezing goes. and out we
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
areesix days away from whht resident bama calls -- a meat-cleaver approach -- tt ccts in the rowwh of federal spending. calls -- a meat-cleaver rowwh of federal spending. & ed henry tells us -- thaa deppnds onnwho's talking. 3 3&rainy start to heeweekend. this... may... havee this... 3 this... may... have beee... one oo the most severe... flu seasons ii health expprts say... the lu match for seniors. 3 this... season's flu shot... was onll 9-percenn effeccive... nn protecciig the elderlyy..//. for... all... other age groups ... the vaccine... wws only 56-percent effective...//. that'ss.. consiiered below avvrage....// expertss.. are ssill urging make yoor symptoos mmlder. the b-more healthy expo retuuns to bbllimore... tomorrow... saturday, febrrary starts at 10 a-m aa &pthe baltimore connention center.we'll see you there! 3 "ii: i told him to o to bed.. oq: i said go ahead.. ahead." still ahead...aalittleeboy takess drastic measuressto avoid bedtime....what happened after he called 911 on his mooherr 33 at turbotax, we know this is more than a paycheck. we know all the
Feb 25, 2013 10:00pm EST
firefighters hailed as heroes after saving a woman who was being attacked with a meat cleaver. they tell us how it went down. >> at 11:00 get the news edge with the change coming to d.c. license plates. çÑ?çÑ >>> the search for the prime suspect in a shooting and fiery crash in the las vegas strip has now moved to the southeastern part of the country. ammar harris lived in south carolina and georgia and was arrested in miami on a reckless driving charge. investigators believe he shot at the aspiring rapper. >>> the trial for the man known as the cannibal cop is underway in brooklyn, new york. gilberto valle is accused of plotting to kidnap, kill and eat dozens of women. the judge ruled his wife can testify how she discovered her husband talking about cannibalism on the internet. the defense says the plot was a fantasy. >>> a man credited with saving a woman being attacked by her husband with a meat cleaver. it happened across the street from the firehouse. a nearby store captured part of the attack on surveillance video. >> i heard a commotion in the street and i look over. it's
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 9:00pm EST
. you think there's hypocrisy and a man wielding a meat cleaver taking down some of the bravest. we've got shocking footage and why two fdny firefighters are now the toast of the town in new york. straight ahead. citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today. try mach3 sensitive. a closer shave in a single stroke, for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ gillette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get. >> welcome back to "hannity." obama's obsession with hollywood was unfolded at academy awards when first lady michelle obama presented an oscar and she prioritize getting ready to celebrate some of the hollywood's most violent gun movies, what better way to thank the liberals in hollywood to support her husband's reelection. the most anticipated soiree of the year and hollywood insiders did give the obama campaign 6 million dollars before the election. here with reaction, a democratic strategist, bernard whitman and the republi
Feb 26, 2013 12:30pm PST
's going to be the lead person with we higher as a group and we're not cleaver as to what commissioner chihuahuas saying in terms of what the purpose of the role of the personnel committee would be playing in the selection process. i'd like to make a incision. this is such an important position that this full body of the commission should be involved in the interview of the top two or three whatever number of people we think are necessary to interview. 11 people might sound unmanagementable but i don't think it is. we want the questions to tell you and we want to hear all the answers. let the selection firm do their job and screen them out. i personally feel better if i actually sat in the interview process and you would do this by then if this is an agreement then you have a closed session thoughtful body. i believe you don't have to change anything then. and whosoever applying for this job can't handle 11 people shouldn't be applying for the job. in my last position we had 7 people and that was fine. so that's my suggestion let's go droiblg the meeting of the issue where everybody on
Feb 26, 2013 5:30pm EST
the government spending we don't need, what the sequester does is uses a meat cleaver approach. >> reporter: president obama traveled to a shipyard in virginia. in the newport news region 59,000 plus civilian department employees would be fur load. statewide, 90,000. >> that means there will be a ripple effect on thousands of other jobs. >> reporter: any federal workers who already furloughed must be notified at least a month in advance. there's always a chance negotiations could be kick started in the coming weeks. in anticipation of the budget cuts, the department plans to release sex nonviolent immigrants. >>> today the ship set sail from baltimore and it won't return. >> it has called our city home for years. it will i rife at the new home port norfolk, virginia. the ship is a floating hospital, 12 operating rooms even a blood bank. the move is all about location. >> norfolk brings the ships closer to the mission, closer to the ocean. it shortens that readiness time to get the shipped turned around. >> the comfort will depart from norfolk and visit eight countries there to provide medic
FOX News
Feb 28, 2013 3:00am PST
as the sequester. if congress allows this meat-cleaver approach to take place, it will skwrepdz -- jeopardize our military readiness, eviscerate jobs in medical research. early education like head start and early start would be eliminated for nearly 1,000 children. border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. f.b.i. agents will be furloughed. federal prosecutors will have to close cases. air traffic controllers and airport security will be cut back which means more delays at airports across the country. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble for child care for their kids. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care. these cuts are wrong. they're not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen. >>brian: i'm scared to death. >>steve: after all of that last night he goes maybe you're not going to notice it. >>brian: we noticed that. >>gretchen: quick turn-around. one thing they're still going to go forward with is this meeting tomorrow. you may ask why would the president wait until the las
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
as the speaker is concerned. president obama using this opportunity to put pressure on over these meat cleaver spending cuts. >> i know yesterday you're going over a bunch of questions. what is the most-important thing you want to know from the president? >> i'm -- there are opportunities to sit down to speak with him. i'm going talk to him about a variety of things. we'll talk about cuts that son his mind. so we'll talk about high speed rail in california going from bay aarea to southern california. also, talking with him about roads and bridges and the efforts to repair infrom a structure in california and what ever else i have time to talk with him about. and of course immigration kç a lot of things to talk brks i'm looking forward to it. >> and i should tell you i will be tweeting this entire time. i hope you'll join me for that. i'll be interviewing the president tomorrow as well as three cabinet secretaries so i'll have full reports on what we've discussed tomorrow at 5:00, 4:00 at your broadcast and i'll tweet and please, follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc 7. i look pord to being i
Feb 20, 2013 4:00am PST
-responders who'd face cutbacks statrting march first, president obama called sequestration "a meat cleaver approach." "these cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy, they will add hundreds of thousand of americans to the unemployment rolls. this is not an abstraction; people will lose their jobs." automatic cuts in federal funding were meant to scare congress into compromise. at risk, fema grants to pay firefighters during disasters, loan guarantees to small businesses, fewer food inspectors, border patrols, and air traffic controllers, to name a few. "i've never taken the sequester seriously. it's a gimmick to reach agreement." economics professor lawrence officer thinks a deal is likely. "i'm not going to lose sleep over it. congress will rescue it in the end, if not before." house speaker john boehner criticised the president's less-than-two-week countdown, saying: "just last month, the president got his higher taxes on the wealthy, and he's already back for more. the american people understand that the revenue debate is now closed." "so now, republicans in con
Feb 27, 2013 4:00am PST
on defense contracts for its citizens' livelihoods. "what the sequester does is use a meat cleaver approach to gut critical investments like education and national security." speaker of the house john boehner accused the president of using the military as a "prop" to support tax hikes. fed chair ben benanke is back on capitol hill for a second day of testimony. yesterday the chairman of the federal reserve urged politicians to reach a deal and warned that automatic budget cuts could create a significant burden on the economy. mr. benrnake also made it clear the fed stands behind its bond-buying program, better known as qe, quantative easing. "notably keeping longer-term interest rates low is helping spark recovery in the housing market and to increase sales and the production of automobiles and durable goods." the fed chair adds the current bond-buying program is likely to last into the second half of the year. now that jack lew has cleared approval by the senate finance committee, the full senate could vote as early as today. jack lew is president obama's pick to replace treasury secretary
Feb 25, 2013 2:00pm PST
to start with a cleaver, slicing everything, partly because, i'm sure, a year or so later, government would be trying to increase partleverything i'm sure, they could increase. better to stay in the middle of the stream. if increasing taxes or cutting the budget perhapthe ination rate is ca function of the money supp by restricting the money supply, ination should also contract. the fed cooperated. the resu? one thing that was expected then by congress was that the price level would respond to restraint, monetary and fiscal restraint, muchore rapidly than, in fact, it did. sohere was a tendency to say, ell, the policies are failing." as the restrictive policies did take hold, the economy slowed down. unemployment mounted. there was an outcry against this made-in-washington recession. but inflation was barely affected. it was entrenched. people expected it to continue, and it did. could stronger medicine contain it? critical economists and poticians called r the government to freeze prices and wages. those controls worked during wartime, but they had never seriously been considered in times
Feb 19, 2013 5:30pm EST
oommng across - thh - boaad cuts a meat cleaver apprrach jeopardizing obs ffom militarr to medical research. &&ppbbma ays: "aii traafic controllers and arport which means more delayssin & airports acrrss the cooutrr..& housandd of teachers nd &peeucatorss ill be laid off." inn100ddas 85-billlon dollars f arbitrary cutt kick-in. over ten years 1.2 trillion dollarsswoull be 3 drasticcit would force deeocrats and eppblicans to agree on smarrer deficit "hh s suddenlyypaintiig thiss as a choice between proteeting & taxxcuts for the wealthy, and miidle classsjobs." obbma originally tapped o heep reduce the defiiit say - phey havv plan to cuttii 2.44trillion over en years. 3& to do is push these guys out & offtheir comfort zone. e're assiig republicans to do some reveeuus. we're asking the democrats o do more in the &ptt makeesooial security sustainability solvent." seente ddmmcrats faaor their plan to close tax loooholes and make some cuts whilee obama already increaaed taxes -3& in jjnuary. boowell says (oncam tag): "c
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am EST
will be cut. the defense is going to be cut. by 50% of this. and the meat cleaver approach, which both sides agree is a terrible idea, is how the cuts will be made. and that's got so many people worried. >> both sides agree it's a terrible idea, but it seems like a foregone conclusion. why can't, david, lawmakers find some sort of agreement here? >> because they just philosophically on opposite ends of this. the president wants a mix of spending cuts and new tax revenues through some kind of tax reform, closing loopholes and whatnot. blaming congress for not giving in on that. republicans say he just got new revenue to avert the fiscal cliff here at the end of the year. there ought to be more pronounced spending cuts. they can't see eye to eye. they aren't really even talking to each other, which is so absurd. both sides working the public relations aspect. the public is fed up and will only get more fed up. >> the pr campaigns not exactly winning over the people that put them in washington. david, we'll check in with you later for a preview of "meet the press." >>> and this morning's other
Feb 15, 2013 6:00pm EST
't agree on how to create a balanced budget, it's set in motion a meat cleaver approach known as sequestration. instead of cutting with a scalpel, all departments face devastating cuts. the department of agriculture says all food service inspection employees will face a 15 day furlough. their absence will affect more than 6,000 establishments such as processing plants which will face a $10 billion production loss. employees will lose $400 million in wages. >> if it happens, prices would go up, but it wouldn't be long before there just wouldn't be product. >> reporter: for smaller meat retailers like the organic butcher of mclean, they have more control over their supply because they age their beef, but if meat inspectors get furloughed 15 days, that will have an impact on the little guys, also. >> well, i like to think it's not going to happen the first thing, but obviously if it did, it would be pretty devastating to anybody in the food business. >> reporter: paul jacobs says he won't stock up on meat because he doesn't have a freezer, but he's a little frosted over the ina
Feb 23, 2013 3:00pm PST
attempt to light a fire under congress. >> meat cleaver approach, at this rate, emergency responders, degraded. border patrol agents, reduced. fbi agents, furloughed. federal prosecutors, let criminals go. airport security, parents, flu vaccines, cancer screens, threat of these cuts not well thought through. not smart, not fair, people will lose their jobs. >> all right, let's bring in gloria borger, and ron bronstein. should spending cuts be delayed? 50% said yes, 40% said no. is there actual momentum, though, gloria, to delaying it and getting it to stop if it is so horrible? >> no, wolf, everyone i have talked to seems to pretty well say you know what? this is going to happen and that is because politically, everybody thinks it can work for them. that is because the president thinks he has everybody in a corner, politically, don't want to close tax loopholes on the wealthy. and the republicans said we raised taxes on the wealthy six or seven months ago, the public is with us. they want to seriously cut spending. no one wants to do it this way, but both sides think they have an adv
FOX News
Feb 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
are using a meat cleaver on the budget. if only that were true because i say, go. because it affects the younger people like we babyboomers do this. >> i need take this phone? >> i need this. i need this, to take the scooter. >> hey, give that back. >> taking things from kids is nice for me but the rest of you have to deal with the debt bomb. >> neil: he did take that stuff. that kid is still waiting outside the building. you mean, its good analogy but you are right. >> we are taking from them. the entitlement problem, the medicare and social security that is going to bankrupted us and we older people, i have paid in all my life but they don't know they are getting three to four times what they paid in. >> neil: or for the matter, nobody is taking it away from the current beneficiaries, it's all about phasing in, their grandkids either they don't care about their grandkids and lot of grandkids are awful. [ laughter ] >> and maybe not deserving but your point is. >> we want them to work in the economy so pay for our old age. >> neil: you raise a good point about this whole thing on fr
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
distinctions. if congress allows this meat cleaver approach. >> people are getting hysterical. >> thousands of teachers will be laid off. >> the president is count iing the republicans again. >> the president promised it would happen, he is the commander-in-chief. >> he would like to replace it. he has not put details out there. >> there is a stalemate, just ten days -- >> these cuts are not fair. >> the sky is falling, the sky is falling. >> they don't have to happen. congress has to act. >>> tonight, another dramatic deadline is looming for the financing of the government of the united states of america. in just ten days, an unprecedented $1.2 trillion in spending cuts will begin to take effect. and you know what that means for congress? that is right, six more days left of recess. that leaves president obama and congress exactly four days to work out an agreement on the way to avoid the spending cuts that both sides say they don't want. those four days of course will include three full days of congress not doing anything, and then a final day of congress looking like they may do somethin
Feb 24, 2013 9:00am EST
things that are smart, not take a meet cleaver and just cut. >> should the white house accept this call from the republicans? >> i think congress should sit down and avoid the sequester and if the sequester kicks in, for a week or go, we should then fix it. >> the navy insists they had no choice than to delay the deployment of the aircraft carrier. if so, if they have no wiggle room at all, that suktss to me that flexibility is what the administration does not want them to have. because they want to maximize the pain. they want to push pressure on republican to unravel the sequester. >> congressman rogers, right now, at least, within a month, you'll have these furloughs on the employees. >> if we have flexibility, there's a b a sailor on the eisenhower out in the med trainer and the travel coordinator at the epa. you can't treat them the same and the way this is structured it treats everyone the same. you can't do that. if you give them the flexibility, they can make that determination. we have intelligence operations that could get slowed down or stopped. that's a problem. but if you s
Feb 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
and the man is dragging the woman, grabbing her by the arm. she's crying and screaming. he pulls the cleaver out of the west -- and started to hack at this woman. i rush him, i am trying to grab the cleaver but he's swinging. >> wow, it took three fore fighters to is to -- firefighters to stop the attack. they were able to hold the man until the police arrived. he was arrested and the woman is in the hospital where she is in stable condition. >> wow. >>> thanks for joining us at 5. >> the in fact six coming to -- the news edge at 6 coming to you right now. >>> four days and counting. we start the news edge waiting on a compromise. the sequester deadline quiets closer. -- gets closer. lawmakers get to the capitol to hammer out a deal. they delivered strong messages to each other. >> congress is poised to allow a series of arbitrary, automatic budget cuts to kick in that will slow our economy, eliminate a lot of and leave folks who are already thinly stretched scrambling to figure out what to do. the cuts don't have to happen. >> it's time to cut spending in washington. if the president was se
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 3:00am PST
york city fire fighters taking down a suspect who attacked his wife with a meat cleaver. the fire fighters heard the couple screaming at each other and saw the man dragging his wife down the street. they ran to help the woman. as the man pulled out the cleaver and started hitting his wife, it took three fire fighters to tackle him to the ground. other fire fighters went to help the terrified victim. >> she had a deep cut on the back of her head and wound throughout her abdomen and torso. >> we run across all kinds of stuff in our career. first reaction is what can we do to help. >> the woman is in critical condition expected to be okay. the husband arrested. >> incredibly close call in the ukraine caught on tape. that massive tree comes trashing down narrowly missing a woman walking across the parking lot. she stops, listens to the tree probably in shock before walking away unharmed. look at that. >>gretchen: look at this piece of video. no nap for this kid. apparently two-year-old dude wasn't in the mood. instead he's caught on dad's baby monitor face planting over and over again
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
a meat cleaver and began striking the woman. listen. >> he pulled it out of his waistband and started hacking at this woman. i rush him. i'm trying to grab the cleaver, but he's swinging. >> now the ensuing struggle between the crazed man and the firefighters, jose ortiz and james trainer was on a security camera and new york's bravest put their lives on the line in order to subdue the attacker until the police arrived. the 28-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and remains behind bars at this hour and the wife according to the new york post is listed in critical condition at a new york area hospital, but she is thankfully expect today survive and thanks to the horrific actions of the new york city fire department and all americans can be proud of brave first be responders. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record and we'll see you here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> tonight, the sequester ax falls in four days. are you scared? >> the sequester. >> i'm not here to scare people, i'm here to i
Feb 19, 2013 1:00pm PST
? the president has a message for you. >> if congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness, emergency responders, border patrol agents, fbi agents, federal prosecutors, air-traffic controllers, and airport security. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. these cuts are not smart, they are not fair. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. my door is open. i'm willing to work with anybody to get this job done. the last thing our families can afford right now is pain imposed unnecessarily by partisan recklessness and ideological rigidity here in washington. ♪ i couldn't ask for another >> the president who spent the weekend swinging his golf clubs came out swinging on his return to work this morning. at a special convened gathering in the white house, he addressed the potentially devastating effects of the so-called sequester cuts, which in the words of the president would take a meat cleaver to military and domestic spending. >> so these cuts are not smart, they are not fair. they will hurt our econo
FOX News
Feb 3, 2013 12:00am PST
. >> when obama took over it it is it now 14 percent. emmanuel cleaver of the congressional black caucus said 14 percent. if there were a person in office we would be marchingolt white house . on met the press thape said blackings are fairing worse under president obama. he was describing the numbers. the fact of the matter is it, my father said i never got a job from a poor person. take money from rich people you have problems. ronald reagan lowered taxes and slowed down the spending. obama has done the opposite. >> what you said makings perfect sense. but that is not popular when you talk about it in the africa-american community is it >> it is not. but i dare say 90 percent of the people. high told black people in the economic recovery we would be lookingalt 14 percent unemployment and that is lower than the people that abandoned it a substantial number of people would not have voted for him. the number one reason the economy and he's not delivering. >> talk about the policiless that are hurting black americanings whampt were the policiless that you feel have kept people from being ab
Feb 19, 2013 5:30pm PST
billion across the board cuts, that sequester. and the president likened it to a meat cleaver. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: today, the president brought firefighters and cops to the white house to warn that emergency workers will be among the first to go, if those across the board spending cuts are allowed to happen. >> we've got these automatic brutal spending cuts that are poised to happen next friday. they will hurt our economy, they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> reporter: and we now face cuts of $85 billion in one fell swoop. that's less than 3% of the budget, but the white house says virtually everybody will be hurt and will see long lines as tsa agents are furloughed, 1,000 fbi and other law enforcement agents forced off the job and 70,000 preschoolers dropped from the head start program. you'd think that would prompt emergency meetings between congress and the white house, but you'd be wrong. has the president had a single face-to-face mee
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
on a short-term solution. >> if congress allows the meat cleaver approach to take place, it will jeep jeprodize our military readiness and it willy advice rate investments and medical research. emergency responders like the ones who are here today, their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. >> today republican house speaker john boehner said the debate over increased revenue is closed. meaning republicans will not discuss any tax increases. of course they are not discussing anything this week. congress is on recess until monday, but when they come back they have very little time to get a budget deal done. so tomorrow here at the white house, i will interview president obama, and you can follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. in washington, dan ashley, abc said news. >> dan will be the only bay area journalist interviewing president obama tomorrow. his reports from washington continue at 5:00 p.m. on abc7 news. >>> a mom who went to prison for having sex with teenage boys is back in trouble now. >> dan thois is here with an i team -- dan
Feb 20, 2013 1:05am PST
. >> if congress allows the meat cleaver approach to take place, it will jeep jeprodize our military readiness and it willy advice rate investments and medical research. emergency responders like the ones who are here today, their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. >> today republican house speaker john boehner said the debate over increased revenue is closed. meaning republicans will not discuss any tax increases. of course they are not discussing anything this week. congress is on recess until monday, but when they come back they have very little time to get a budget deal done. so tomorrow here at the white house, i will interview president obama, and you can follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. in washington, dan ashley, abc said news. >> dan will be the only bay area journalist interviewing president obama tomorrow. his reports from washington continue at 5:00 p.m. on abc7 news. >>> a mom who went to prison for having sex with teenage boys is back in trouble now. >> dan thois is here with an i team -- dan noyes is here with an i team inv
Feb 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
of members of the military. >> if congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take place it will jeopardize our military readiness. >> the spokesman says congressional republicans oulgt to listen to american people. >> here what american people are saying which is please -- compromise, please, be reasonable. >> at san francisco airport we heard something different. >> cuts will be effective and put us into a better place. >> about half of the people shrugged over cuts. other half said they opposed them but felt they're in the minority. >> i think most people have not a clue. >> our survey was a couple dozen people but the pew research center and usa today interviewed 1500 and l the poll swhoz congress ugt to delay cuts, 40% of americans said no. let it happen. >> in that interview you heard mentioned impact of the mill taerk same message on tuesday with members standing behind him. thinking is that going after that message is the best way to pressure republicans but is it working? that is the story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> police in peru are cracking down on a band of thi
Feb 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
to prevent $85 billion in cuts from taking effect in eight days. meat cleaver cuts he says threaten to cost jobs and hurt everyone from elderly to school children. not how the president wants to begin his second term. he thold me about his goals for the next four years. talking points echo bid cabinet secretaries i spoke with. >> if we invest $50 billion we can create thousands of jobs make the investments to get america back to number one again. >> graduation rates are poor in communities around the country. what do wed need to do? >> we have to get jobless rates down to zero. increase graduation rates make sure young people are graduating career ready. >> business looks to expand. impossible without capitol. life blood of the high tech innovation. >> when starting this job credit crunch hit small businesses they're just crushed and couldn't get a loan g news is that we've taken 100 pages of paper work out of loans so it's stream lined. >> part of an ambitious agenda. >> i'd like to get as much stuff done as quickly as possible. i'm just starting a second term. i know that once we get thro
Feb 19, 2013 4:30pm PST
" that kicks in on march 1. he said this "meat cleaver approach" will hurt the econy and hundreds of thousands of americans will lose jobs. the president got some backing from budget hawks erskine bowles and alan simpson. they were back in the news today with a new plan to sharply reduce federal spending. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: the president was flanked by emergency responders who'd be hit hard if automatic spending cuts take effect on march 1, and he placed the blame on republicans. >> so far, at least what they've expressed is a preference where they'd rather have these cuts go into effect than close a single tax loophole for the wealthiest americans. not one. >> reporter: as the clock ticks down to the sequester, democrats and republicans are hunkered down for a fight. even so, budget commission co- chairs alan simpson and erskine bowles tried to push both sides to talk, calling the automatic spending cuts stupid. but even simpson and bowles are not optimistic. >> they'll go to sequester, and americans will be furious and irritated and disgusted, and they are already. they're di
Feb 22, 2013 4:30pm PST
after the ones least effective. but in this sort o meat cleaver approach snow such careful analysis is done. >> tom: and certainly deadline approach as well with the week to go before the sequester talks effect. we'll leave it there in st. louis. joel prakken with macroeconomic advisers. still ahead, tonight's "market monitor" sees promise from the american housing market and chinese shoppers. u.b.s. strategist david lefkowitz joins us. a comeback for wall street today, thanks to last night's stronger than expected results from hewlett-packd and its proved outok. h.p. shares were the dow jones industrial average's best performer, up 12%. overall, the dow rose 119 points, the nasdaq added 30, the s&p up 13 points. this week, the major averages were split, the dow rose a fraction. the nasdaq lost nearly 1%, and the s&p was down 0.25%. >> tom: this april will be three >> tom: this april will be three >> a developing story, the governor in washington state, the office says the leak has not posed an immediate public health risk. the governor's office says the leak has not been stopped. a
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm PST
let's just have they is querst and get it over with. it's a meat cleaver, not a scalpel but it's a spending cut for those folks on the right who want to see spending cuts at all. >> we might agree that everyone gets embarrassed when they leave town with business to be done but who gets the blame here if the sequester happens, the big cuts happen, people are hurting. is there any sense? >> congressman boehner tried to call it the president's sequester. i'm not sure how that's fair since it was congress that passed the measure. secretary napolitano testified twice. she had to explain how harmful to border security the equivalent of 5,000 border patrol agents the sequester cuts would be. she said she had an out-of-body experience doing that and i think the republicans have a history, they did it in 1995 and 1996 with bill clinton, again with impeachment. i think they have a history of overplaying their hand and i do think the president has set them up to look intransigent and i think that's part of the rationale for the speech the other night. we'll see who gets the bigger blame.
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